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How To Rewire Outdoor Light

Task details Skill out of Easy Digging shallow trenches for the low-voltage cable television takes some work, however installing the lighting fixtures is a breeze. Cost $4 to $6 (for an average-size system) Boost the nighttime curb appeal of your homeand include a step of security and securitywith low-voltage landscape lighting. how to do landscape lighting in Ottawa.

And because the system runs on just volts of electrical energy, it's completely safe for do-it-yourself setup. At the magnificent s-something home shown here, we installed Intermatic fixtures in different locations. Together with the walkway causing the entrance are six decorative aluminum fixtures that have a curved shepherd's hook profile.

At the base of each of the 4 evergreen shrubs growing against the house is a -watt shrub uplight. The fixtures are linked with a -gauge cable television and powered by a -watt transformer. Action : Landscape Lighting Summary Low-voltage landscape lighting is an easy enhancement that can make a huge distinction in how your house looks after dusk and in its security and security.

How To Install Landscape Flood Light in Ottawa

You do not need to be comfortable with wiringor even have ever done anyto install this kind of system. The transformer steps down the -volt house existing to just volts. It needs to be plugged into a GFCI-protected outdoor electric outlet fitted with a "while-in-use" cover, and oversize plastic box that closes over the power cable.

In between fixtures, the cable television is buried in a shallow trench. As long as you have a close-by outlet, you'll be able to give your home and backyard a welcoming glow when the sun goes down. (Click "enlarge this image" to check out illustration labels.) Action : Set Out the Elements Set the path lighting fixture on the ground where they'll be set up typically about to feet apart.

Use 4-gauge cable for lighting systems that amount to watts or less and -gauge cable television for systems that are more than watts. When you come to a barrier, such as a fence or shrub, string the cable under or around it. Tip: Put first fixture a minimum of feet from the transformer.

How To Use Solar Lights In Landscaping

Take a flat-blade shovel and slide it beneath the leading layer of turf, about inches in from the edge of the walk. Raise up on the manage to separate the yard from the soil, and fold over this scalped part of sod. Continue in this manner the whole time the sidewalk.

Pointer: If essential, set the lighting fixtures on top of the folded sod to prevent it from flopping pull back. Step 4: Bury the Electrical Cable Set the low-voltage electrical cable in the trench. Leave a bit of slacked cable at each fixture point for making the connection to the lighting fixtures.

Make a slit in the removed sod where the component will sit and fold the sod back over the soil, keeping the cable television for each fixture above the turf. Idea: Don't bury the cable more than inches or you'll have difficulty linking the light component. Step : Plug in the Transformer Run the cable approximately the outside electric outlet.

Where To Put Landscape Lights

Move the stripped wires under the terminal screws on the bottom of the transformer. Tighten up the screws all the method to hold the cable safely in place. Drive a wood stake into the ground next to the outlet (where to put landscape lighting). Then screw the transformer to the stake. (It can also be installed straight to the wall of the house.) Raise the "while-in-use" cover on the outlet and plug in the transformer.

Position the very first fixture as near to the edge of the pathway as possible with no part of it hanging over. (If the component extends into the walkway, individuals will constantly be bumping into it.) Make a hole in the ground for the fixture's stake with a big screwdriver or long steel punch.

Tip: Do not place a light within feet of a swimming pool, health club, or fountain. Step : Make the Electrical Connections Slip the two adapter halves hanging from the bottom of the light fixture over the cable that's extending from the sod and pinch them together until you hear a click.

How To Run Wire Under Sidewalk

Considering that the transformer is plugged in, the component must illuminate, validating the connection is excellent. If it does not, unsnap and re snap the port, or inspect the bulb. Idea: If none of the bulbs illuminate, you may have a faulty transformer or outdoor electrical outlet. Step : Install the Light Fixtures Place the lighting fixture into its metal ground stake.

Eyeball the fixture to ensure it's not tilted to one side. Tuck the cable and adapter under the sod and stuff them into the soil, about inches deep. Continue setting up the remaining components in the exact same manner. Step : Replace the Sod When all the light fixtures are installed and working properly, smooth out the sod around the components.

Firmly push down on the sod, then use a garden hose to soak the location with water. Suggestion: In routine use, without delay change a burned-out bulb or it will shorten the life of the other bulbs. Tools: Tools & Materials Flat-blade shovel Wire stripper Phillips screwdriver steel punch - -inch-long Small sledge hammer.

How To Wire 12 Volt Lights Diagram

After you have actually learned the and for your system, you can now consider how to set up landscape lighting. Setting up low voltage landscape lighting is a simple diy job that the majority of house owners can finish. DIY landscape lighting with low voltage (V) is a safe and simple task. These landscape lights carry little risk of electrical shock, and you can bury the wires in shallow trenches.

Before starting, please describe the and your regional electrical codes - how to landscape lighting in Ottawa. Collect any tools you may need for the job most importantly, a set of wire strippers and a shovel or trenching tool. Additional tools might be required, depending upon the needs of your job.

Dive to Particular SectionTypes of Landscape Lighting, Prior to learning how to set up landscape lighting, choose which type of lights you desire. There are types of landscape lighting, which all have various install approaches: Solar landscape lights are powered by a photovoltaic cell that is charged throughout the day. They do not need any wiring, making them the most basic to set up.

How To Light Up My Backyard in Ottawa

Low voltage landscape lights are powered through a transformer that reduces the routine voltage to -volts. These systems are safe to deal with, energy effective and simple to set up and move. They are plugged into a GFCI outlet outside. Line voltage landscape lights run at -volts, the very same voltage as the devices in your house.

How To Set Up Landscape Lighting in Ottawa
Does Landscape Lighting Add Value

Due to the complexity of these systems, they're finest set up by a licensed electrical expert. Solar and low voltage lights are by far the most typical landscape lighting systems set up today. In this guide, we'll reveal you how to install all types of landscape lights. How to Set Up Solar Landscape Lighting Solar landscape lighting looks great and provides you convenient setup without having to stress over circuitry.

A quality installation of solar lighting depends upon innovative planning: Speak with the producer's product packaging or website for recommended lighting applications and spacing before you choose your lights. Strategy your component design carefully. While lots of solar lights do not need continuous direct sunlight, it is best to put them where they will get at least six to eight hours each day of brilliant sunshine.

How To Light Up The Front Of Your House

Make sure to edge your sidewalk if you are preparing for path lights or cut back foliage in other areas where you might be preparing to add solar landscape lighting. Starting with a clean canvas will make sure nothing tones your lighting plan. Determine the Design Solar Landscape Lighting Utilizing a tape procedure, layout the lights along the pathway.

Momentarily location each light where it will go. Check the maker's directions for recommended spacing. 4Assemble and Set Up the Lights Solar Landscape Lighting Eliminate the cover tag over the solar battery of each light, then put the top of the light back together, if required. Assemble the lights according to guidelines.

Expose the solar lights to full sun for - to 4-hours prior to starting setup. This will enable the battery to completely charge and discover any lights that may be defective prior to you install them. If the ground is hard or dry, lightly water the soil along the location there the lights will be installed.

How To Add Exterior Light in Ottawa

How To Run Landscape Lighting Under Sidewalk
How To Install Garden Lights Landscape in Ottawa

Once you have the components where you desire them, drive their stakes into the ground. Ensure they stay plumb. The lights should set up quickly. Don't force the lights into the ground as this may harm the stakes. Idea: Most solar lights install in generally the same fashion, however you need to follow all manufacturer's instructions for your option of solar landscape light.

The transformer lowers, or "actions down," the -volt home current to -volts. Linking landscape lights with a transformer is more involved than setting up solar lights, however still simpler than installing line voltage lighting. Many transformers are ranked to handle a load of - to -watts. A greater rating implies a longer cable, and therefore more lighting fixtures you can link to the system.

It can be more cost-efficient to purchase a whole brand-new system in a landscape light kit, rather than purchasing just a brand-new transformer. 6Wire the Transformer - Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Mount the transformer according to the maker's directions in a quickly available area near a GFCI outlet. For many kinds of siding, you can make the attachment with a wood screw.

How To Install 12v Landscape Lighting in Ottawa

For masonry, drill a hole for a lag guard, then screw into the shield. Another choice is to stake a wooden post near your home to mount the transformer. Strip about /4-inch of insulation from the two conductors on the -gauge primary wire that will feed the landscape lights. Link each conductor to the terminals in the transformer according to the producer's directions.

Assemble and Location the Lights - Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Low voltage light sets normally require assembly. You'll require to snap the sockets in place at least, and you may need to do some basic circuitry. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. For course lights, measure a constant distance between the fixtures and put them temporarily on the ground.

Run the cable from the transformer along the course of components you just set up. Keep the wire above ground. Connect the Lights - Low Voltage Landscape Lighting To make the electrical connections, ensure there is about -inches of slack at each fixture. This will provide you sufficient wire to move or change the component location later on, must you require to.

How To Install 110v Landscape Lighting

To use it, open the housing and slip it over the electrical cable television. When you push the parts of the port together, it will pierce the insulation on the cable and make contact with the conductors inside. Wrap the connector with electrical tape. Another option is to use a permanent, watertight connection.

Cut the cable, separate the conductors, and strip those wires. Place a brass "butt-splice adapter" over each conductor and tighten up the set-screw on one side. Repeat for the other conductor. Slide heat diminish tubing over each wire. Twist one wire from the fixture with one of the remaining conductors.

Repeat this process with the other wire from the other component and staying conductor. Move the heat shrink over both brass connectors. Use a butane or lp torch to heat the tubing up until it shrinks securely over the wires. Repeat the process for each component (how to install landscape lighting fixtures). Plug the transformer in and turn the system on.

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How To Install Lights In Retaining Wall
How Far Apart Should Landscape Lighting Be

Update the size of the transformer if required - how to install walkway lights in Ottawa. Bury the Cable Television - Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Using a yard edger or a shovel, dig a thin 6-inch trench along the path of the cable television. Place the cable in the trench and bury it. Set the Timer - Low Voltage Landscape Lighting The last action is to set the timer or set-up the photo sensing unit on the transformer to turn the lights on and off instantly.

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